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Spiritual Hypnosis by Zoom

What is Spiritual Hypnosis?

Spiritual Hypnosis is Hypnosis with a Spiritual approach acknowledging that you are far more than a biochemical machine, and inviting you to experience this.

What does it work with?

It works brilliantly with trauma, low self esteem, phobias and anxiety.  It can also help people cope with ongoing situations.

Phobias caused by a past trauma just disappear if they are uncovered.

Understanding and experiencing who you really are is the basis for true happiness in life.

Understanding that experiences have a purpose and strengthen us helps put things into perspective.

Why do you need a Spiritual approach?

To be happy, fulfilled, and to make the most of this life.

It's also widely known that people who see a purpose to their suffering cope with it better.

Eastern philosophy and now Quantum physics suggest we are part of a greater whole.  Baruch Spinoza, a 17th century philosopher, and Sogyal Rinpoche, a Tibetan Lama both say that the root cause of unhappiness and indeed illness is a forgetting of selflessness, that our true selves are part of a greater whole, and that the solution therefore is to remember that.

It is known that the keys to happiness include compassion to others, finding meaning in life, walks in nature, acceptance and mindfulness - being in the present moment.  These are all spiritual practices.

Will it work for me?

As for all hypnosis, you can expect about 85% of people to be sufficiently responsive to gain great benefits.  

However, about 10-15% of people are so highly responsive to hypnosis that they may well be capable of feeling this connection to a greater whole.

Are you one of these responsive people?

Why not contact me to find out?

The process will also demonstrate to you directly a way to meditate giving you the access to all the benefits of meditation if you practice it regularly.

A quote from a client:

"Sessions with Jamie have  been incredibly helpful and have made such a difference to my mental health.I've really enjoyed discovering meditation and feel like I'm just at the beginning of a journey.


Scientific basis

This approach has a solid basis in science.  Contrary to the current, but faltering Western Scientific viewpoint: your brain does not create your consciousness - your awareness, and there is absolutely no evidence that it does  (Please check for yourself!)  It's like looking for music in a radio.  You'll find electrical activity, but you won't find the music. 

It is only an assumption that the brain creates consciousness, but there is far more evidence that it is only involved in transmitting it.  Telepathy, Premonitions, Terminal lucidity, Expanded awareness in Near Death Experiences where real events are witnessed, Spontaneous past life memories in children, many of whom have birthmarks relating to how their former personality passed, are just some of the lines of evidence suggesting consciousness is primary.

If you'd like to investigate this more an excellent book is Spiritual Science by David Taylor.

Potential Benefits

Can you imagine for a moment how you would feel if you genuinely felt this connection to a greater whole?

People who have mystical experiences by whatever means are often transformed.  

Even attempting to connect to a greater whole through hypnosis can put life's difficulties and past traumas into perspective.  Some I believe have genuinely felt that connection for a blissful moment and it's done wonders for them.  They may suddenly understand their life and its purpose.  Past traumas are put in the past having lost their emotional attachment. The scars are healed.  

You are a beautiful soul currently undergoing a human and no doubt painful or difficult experience.  Let me help you ease your pain and help you love who you really are.

Hypnotherapy can work really well via Zoom.

You will need:

I will also need the contact number for someone who can check on you if the internet connection falls over.

The ideal set-up is a comfy chair with a laptop beside you, the headphones reaching you without pulling on your head.   I need to be able to see your face.  This allows me to see that your are safe, your facial expressions and also to get you to respond by gently moving your head, if I ask a question.

It is of course imperative that you are not disturbed by anyone or pets.  Pets have the habit of jumping up on the sitter, seeing a nice lap.  And of course this is not helpful to a calm state of mind, particularly when the cat digs its claws in!

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