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Hypnotherapy for anxiety

Understand that there is a cause for you to feel like this.  Anxiety is caused by past emotional traumas which are similar to unhealed wounds.  Everything you do is tempered by them.  Imagine walking with a wounded leg.  Try as you may you can't walk normally.  

Perhaps the wound was caused by severe trauma, or perhaps a parent frequently getting angry with you or not giving you the love that you needed.

Humans need to feel loved, nurtured and supported, yet sadly this commonly doesn't happen.

Picture a child being punished by their parent.  That child wants to love the parent, yet the parent is dealing out pain.  As a third party you can see it is not the child's fault, but you can understand the effect.  Whether the abuse is physical or emotional, intentional or accidental, it creates a wound that needs healing. 

If you look back at your life and see how you are, no doubt you will think "No wonder!"

But this is not who you are.  

Let me help you see that.

Allow yourself  for a moment to imagine a feeling of confidence that allowed you to rise above anything.

Looking at life with a different perspective: one that understands there is a purpose to our suffering, helps us to see things in a different light.

"Even a lotus Flower needs muck to grow"

Thich Nhat Hanh

Imagine looking down at this beautiful planet, the blue of the oceans, the green of the rainforests, the swirls of silky white clouds and that amazing blue haze that wraps the planet.  Be in awe of the beauty.  Then you can perhaps imagine the 8 billion people scurrying around the planet, probably mostly chasing the wrong goals.  Ask yourself: "Which one is more important than another?".

When you see how special you are, you will have no need for anxiety.

Why not book a session to help you understand this?

There are different types of anxiety disorders, including generalised anxiety disorder, phobia-related disorders, and panic related disorders, but be reassured that Anxiety is just a programmed reaction.  The subconscious tries to protect us.  It develops a general concept of various perceived dangers, and tries to protect us from these  dangers by making us feel anxious to try to get us to avoid similar situations.

These can be re-framed, rewired.  Hypnotherapy can make such a difference.