Past life regression

Brian Weiss, an American psychologist, is known for his book “Many lives, Many Masters”.

Using regression he transformed his own life as well as that of a patient “Catherine”. Conventional therapy had been tried with her for years but had failed. So he tried hypnotherapy and regressed her to the point in her life that caused a problem. He quickly realised she was describing a past life. In continued sessions Catherine not only described several past lives but also messages came through from spirit masters to assist Weiss himself. Catherine was quickly cured of the succession of phobias she had and Weiss changed his belief system and now talks about or spiritual path, the fact we are all connected and although we can graduate from having to reincarnate here, we can only truly move on when everyone graduates.  Worth checking out on YouTube.

One striking bit of evidence is that when someone is regressed and talks about a past life, they take on the knowledge of the minutiae that only comes from experiencing that era. The Bloxham tapes say similar things. Hypnotherapist Arnold Bloxham regressed 400 people, recording them on tape, and an investigative film and book was produced by the BBC producer Jeffrey Iverson in 1976.

Brian Weiss was one of the brave ones and risked his career by publishing his book. Past life regression was taboo in terms of contemporary psychiatric treatment, but instead of being ostracised he received letters and calls from colleagues who shared his opinions and experiences. His colleagues had therefore found the same but had not dared say so!