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Hypnotherapy for phobias

Are you frightened by spiders, the idea of flying, or some less common fear of balloons, needles or buttons.

Don't worry, you are not alone.

Phobias can be very interesting and rewarding to work with!

Either through regression to the cause, or by desensitisation, hypnotherapy can really help you overcome or even remove your phobia entirely.

Fans of Harry Potter will remember the Bogart scene, where the Bogart turned into the viewer's worst nightmare.  The solution: to make fun of it!

J.K.Rowling must have read or have done something to do with phobias, as this is a classic treatment.

Making fun of phobias takes the power out of them, brings you back into the present moment and allows you to be rational and logical.   If you then confront your fear, then it empowers you with the knowledge that you've beaten it.

They can also be much more interesting:

The very first phobia I was asked to help with seemed resistant to begin with, to my approach.  So I gave her in the therapy, the visualisation of a time-line.  I told her that if there were any traumatic events in the past that had caused her phobia, then she would see a red dot.

She indicated that she saw one, so I asked her to go to that red dot and descend through it, to see what she was doing.  This was not an attempt at past life regression.  I was looking to see if there was a memory in her childhood.  She went on to describe snippets of 2 former lives.  One in which she was a small boy asked to collect water for a kitchen, from a river, using a bucket.  He was not bitten by snakes which were on rocks, but was scared by them.  The second, she described being a young girl bitten by a snake in a garden, and was laid up in bed for months.

Just releasing these memories cured the phobia.  The rest of the hypnotherapy strengthened her calmness. 

Prior to this, and the reason that his lady came to me was because her phobia was extreme. She couldn't even say the word "snake".  She would have nightmares if she saw a snake on television, and giving her the visualisation of snake would make her physically shake.

After her treatment, I took her to a reptile shop.  She even thought that some of the smaller snakes were "cute".