My Philosophy

My philosophy is that we are Spiritual beings currently having a human experience.

Even mainstream science is beginning to realise this and I believe we are on the brink of this knowledge becoming generally accepted.  There is just too much evidence now to ignore it.  Thanks to the work of people like Dean Radin, Roger Nelson, Raymond Moody, Pim Van Lommel, Bruce Greyson, Lynne McTaggart and countless others, scientists can no longer hold back the evidence.  

Take telepathy for instance.  Dean Radin quotes the Ganzfeld experiments whose cumulative results show the success being related to chance of something like 29 quintillion to one.  That qualifies as extraordinary in the claim that "Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence".

But then what we perceive as extraordinary is purely individual.  I think it's totally obvious that we are spiritual beings.

If telepathy exists, as the Ganzfeld tests on their own strongly suggest this, then this blows the Western materialistic viewpoint that consciousness is a product of the brain, and the only real alternative is that we are Spiritual beings.

How does this help?

The evidence is that not only telepathy exists, but absent healing/prayer has a statistically significant effect.

If we are spiritual beings then it's easier to bear life's challenges as we realise that they are there for a purpose