Irrational behaviours

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Hypnotherapy for irrational behaviours

Irrational behaviour  is often the subconscious mind overpowering the conscious mind.

In many cases they are exactly the same as phobias, as the subconscious is trying to protect you from pain but the circumstances are not relevant or helpful.

Hypnotherapy can address the cause.  If it finds a cause, it can release it.  Alternatively or additionally, it can help you make fun of the behaviour and take the power out of it, enabling you to come back into the present moment and be rational, calm and logical.

Like phobias, these can also be very interesting to work with.

One lady who came to me found scarves uncomfortable to wear.  This lady did come to me for past life regression, so we asked her subconscious to take her back to the incident, if there was one, that caused this.

She described in detail, a log cabin in wood where she lived a very simple life, about a morning's walk from the nearest  village.  There were herbs drying in bunches from the ceiling.  It was clear that she made herbal medicines.  However the villagers accused her of being a witch, and she described how they came to get her, and were gathered shouting, outside her cabin.  The crowd parted, and two men, one of whom was a blacksmith and appeared to be in charge, came and dragged her out of the cabin.  They took her to a hill with a gallows.  She described the rough rope that hurt her neck, and the gallows as just having a stool for her to stand on.  The blacksmith tormented her by pretending for a while to pull the stool away.  When he finally did, she felt a great sense of peace, but also amazingly, a sense of forgiveness for all of them. "They were only frightened". 

She also met a bright and loving soul who she instantly recognised as her current partner in this life.

Now, whether this is entirely imagination is debatable, but the fact remains is that now she can wear scarves.