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Hypnotherapy for bereavement

The loss of anyone significant in your life is understandably traumatic.  So how can hypnosis help?

It can help by making you understand that the essence, the spirit, the soul of whoever you have lost continues to exist and that the bond of love that you had goes on and improves.  Hypnosis can help you understand that although you have lost their physical presence, the link you had with them is still there.  Whatever love you shared with them is still there.  Even if you had problems and felt that you had lost their love, that love between you can only improve and grow.

If you can at least entertain the idea that there is a continued existence, then please be open minded and read on.

In a session designed to ease your pain,  I will explain to  you:

The evidence for a continued existence:

I will tell you of my own experiences, and give you examples of others.

In the hypnosis, I will give you the visualisation of them sitting in front of you and invite you to chat with them.  Although this is a visualisation, the vast majority tell me they believe the communication is real.  If you look at research that shows that Mediums have lower levels of brain activity while they are communicating accurately, then you can understand the possibility that the communication may well be real.

This process helps.  It can’t take all your pain away.  Grieving is a process which you have to go through, but truly knowing that they are still there in spirit form really helps.   If “grieving is love with nowhere to go”, then you can see that it truly does have somewhere to go. 

I'm no stranger to bereavement.  I lost my wife to Hodgkin Lymphoma when she was just 34.  That hurt. It felt as if my guts had been ripped out.  I had a desperate desire to feel loved by her, and to send my love to her, but I couldn't.   So believe me when I say that I understand your pain.  Yet, when my mother died 18 months prior to this, despite it being one of the closest parental relationship's you could wish for, I just didn't need to grieve. 

My wish is to enable people to understand that love is never lost.