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Speaker at the 2022 UK Hypnosis convention on the nature of consciousness


If you are reading this you were almost certainly meant to be. There is very little coincidence in this life.

Serendipity, meaningful coincidences abound in an interconnected world where the experiences we all need are provided.

No doubt you also feel that what is important in life is inner peace, love and compassion.

How would it be if you felt complete, whole, enough?

How would it be if you could rise above everything that was sent your way with a confident smile?

You had inner peace, filled with compassion not only for others but for yourself as well, not needing any external validation, not needing numbing with comforters such as alcohol or drugs.

We have just forgotten who we are.  The world has lost its way driven by the wrong goals.

If you're here and looking for help, then I can help you see what an amazing and unique soul you are, the people you help and how much you are needed in this world.

Hypnotherapy is about more than releasing phobias, traumas and anxiety, it's about rediscovering your true self and giving you back your own power.

I invite you to let go of what isn't important and see your purpose and potential.

If that resonates with you, get in touch.

A quote from a client:

"Sessions with Jamie have  been incredibly helpful and have made such a differenceI've really enjoyed discovering meditation and feel like I'm just at the beginning of a journey"

Why do you need a Spiritual approach?

Because you are a Spiritual being!

This is not unscientific, illogical or even fuzzy thinking (see below) and many Scientists are very much in agreement.

Furthermore you cannot truly overcome your problems in life without addressing your spiritual nature.

Why not close your eyes, put the focus of your attention right behind your eyes, and just be aware of how you feel.  In this state look for the part of you without which you would lose the feeling of you being you.  The more you do this, it's likely the more you will realise the answer is none of it.

To be happy, fulfilled, and to truly make the most of this life,  we need to recognise that life has a purpose and peace comes from within. It's a state of mind.  With inner peace we can rise above the traumas of life.

It's also widely known that people who see a purpose to their suffering cope with it better.

Eastern philosophy and now Quantum physics suggest we are part of a greater whole.  Baruch Spinoza, a 17th century philosopher, and Sogyal Rinpoche, a Tibetan Lama both say that the root cause of unhappiness and indeed illness is a forgetting of selflessness, that our true selves are part of a greater whole, and that the solution therefore is to remember that.

It is known that the keys to happiness include compassion to others, finding meaning in life, walks in nature, acceptance and mindfulness - being in the present moment.  These are all spiritual practices.

Will it work for me?

As for all hypnosis, you can expect about 85% of people to be sufficiently responsive to gain great benefits.  

However, about 10-15% of people are so highly responsive to hypnosis that they may well be capable of feeling this connection to a greater whole.

Are you one of these responsive people?

Why not contact me to find out?

The process will also demonstrate to you directly a way to meditate giving you the access to all the benefits of meditation if you practice it regularly.

Scientific basis

This approach has a solid basis in science.  Contrary to the current, but faltering Western Scientific viewpoint: your brain does not create your consciousness - your awareness, and there is absolutely no evidence that it does  (Please check for yourself!)  It's like looking for music in a radio.  You'll find electrical activity, but you won't find the music. 

It is only an assumption that the brain creates consciousness, but there is far more evidence that it is only involved in transmitting it.  Telepathy, Premonitions, Terminal lucidity, Expanded awareness in Near Death Experiences where real events are witnessed, Spontaneous past life memories in children, many of whom have birthmarks relating to how their former personality passed, are just some of the lines of evidence suggesting consciousness is primary.

If you'd like to investigate this more an excellent book is Spiritual Science by David Taylor.

Potential Benefits

Can you imagine for a moment how you would feel if you genuinely felt this connection to a greater whole?

People who have mystical experiences by whatever means are often transformed.  

Even attempting to connect to a greater whole through hypnosis can put life's difficulties and past traumas into perspective.  Some I believe have genuinely felt that connection for a blissful moment and it's done wonders for them.  They may suddenly understand their life and its purpose.  Past traumas are put in the past having lost their emotional attachment. The scars are healed.  

You are a beautiful soul currently undergoing a human and no doubt painful or difficult experience.  Let me help you ease your pain and help you love who you really are.

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(I've had clients in France and Canada)

Speaker at the National Hypnosis Convention 2022


Hi Jamie Thank you so so so very much Look what I achieved today bless you xx

Other Testimonials

Snake Phobia

Thank you so much... I couldn't say the word "Snake". I had such bad nightmares if anyone even said the word.

Watch out Australia i could be coming you way !!



I have been on my laptop all day, with no vertigo or any negative feelings shortly after our sessions stopped.  Just feeling grateful, so thought I'd send you a message to let you know. 



Jamie is a very kind and caring individual and a very talented hypnotherapist. I find I am very quickly put at ease by his welcoming and friendly manner and always leave feeling totally relaxed and calm after his amazingly soothing and effective hypnotherapy session.  Highly recommend. Five stars from me.

(Kristie Rose)

Sessions with Jamie have  been incredibly helpful and have made such a difference to my mental health.I've really enjoyed discovering meditation and feel like I'm just at the beginning of a journey.


Smoking Cessation

"After smoking for 40 plus years I decided I needed to try my hardest to give it up once and for all.  I asked Jamie for his help and luckily he said yes.  I stopped smoking the day before the first session and having the sessions kept me strong enough to stay off the cigarettes. I am happy to confirm that after just a few sessions with Jamie I have completely stopped smoking and am convinced I will never smoke again. Thank you Jamie."



I had a MRI scan on Monday and managed to stay in there for half an hour without panicking, all thanks to you Bless you xx


I'm very happy to have been a Speaker at the 2022 UK Hypnosis convention:

"Consciousness is not a product of the brain and why this matters for hypnotherapy".

The nature of our consciousness is a subject that has fascinated me for years, and how we understand this makes a phenomenal difference to our lives.  I'm delighted to be able to share my findings at such a wonderful event.

There is overwhelming evidence that we are spiritual beings and therefore this should be taken into account with many forms of therapy.