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Speaker at the 2022 UK Hypnosis convention on the nature of consciousness

A recent testimonial

I have given Jamie Aylward Hypnotherapy 5 stars because not only was the hypnotherapy an amazing experience, Jamie himself is what makes it so special. Jamie is professional yet is able to give a personal touch to his service. He treated me with respect, kindness and above all, he was completely non-judgemental. The hypnotherapy was amazing. Tailored to my individual needs and issues. I can’t explain why it has been so successful for me, needless to say, if anyone reading this is thinking about hypnotherapy as an alternative to counselling, Jamie is the place to go.  

Why is Hypnotherapy so special?

It's my belief (through observation) that there is something very special about the state of deep meditation that hypnosis gives you.  In this state the positive suggestions that you need and want, get through.  You can reframe past traumas and let go of baggage that you are keeping that no longer serves you, desensitise yourself to phobias, and increase your self esteem.

So many of us don't value ourselves and worry far too much about what others or society think?

What would you like to change?  How would you like to feel?  Why not book a consultation?

Feeling anxious or low self-esteem?

Do you feel anxious or not valuable?  Do you feel that you can't express yourself?  Worried that you can't cope on your own, or perhaps you overreact to things?

Even things which seem insurmountable are made smaller by taking the first step.

There's a cause for the way you feel.

Many people have had childhoods where they weren't nurtured as they should have been.  Parents pass on their own inadequacies.  Friends, family and people in authority can say or do, the wrong things leaving you traumatised.  Physical or emotional experiences leave scars.  Understand that the way you feel is because of what you have been through and like a physical injury,  you need to heal to feel differently

Time for you to take back control

Whatever trauma you've been through can be put into perspective.  Realise how your ability to understand others going through similar experiences has increased.  Realise how each time you overcame adversity it made you stronger.  "Even a lotus flower needs muck to grow" (Thich Nhat Hanh)

Anxiety and not feeling good enough are learned reactions to past traumas which can be reprogrammed.

There is something very special about the super-relaxed state that hypnosis provides.  People often find themselves accepting that the past happened but feeling fine about it. 

The benefits of meditation and mindfulness are being increasingly recognised.   Regular meditation has been shown to reduce the size of the amygdala  which produces cortisol, the fight or flight hormone.  In other words, meditation reduces your ability to become stressed.

Hypnotherapy not only teaches you how to meditate, but it gives you the experience of deep meditation.  

"Sessions with Jamie have  been incredibly helpful and have made such a difference to my mental health.I've really enjoyed discovering meditation and feel like I'm just at the beginning of a journey.



I offer packages of 4 or 6 sessions at a fixed price.  Most people find the effects cumulative, so several are helpful to embed the changes that you want to make.

Contact me to start your new journey into being the best version of yourself.

Book your consultation: Tel: 07963296025

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(I've had clients in France and Canada)

Speaker at the National Hypnosis Convention 2022


Hi Jamie Thank you so so so very much Look what I achieved today bless you xx

What is Hypnotherapy?

There is no mind control.  You stay in control all the time.  How it works is not entirely understood but through relaxation, when your brain waves slow down,  messages get through to the subconscious more easily.

The subconscious is the root of all our reactions, and you can’t win a fight with it!    So if you want to change a reaction or behaviour you have to reprogramme it.  This is where hypnosis comes in.

The subconscious tries to protect you and has stored away every single experience that you have had.    If you slip on ice for example, the next time you are obviously more cautious.

Sometimes however the protection is misplaced.  A fear for example can be installed by an over-reacting parent.  Take for example two mothers reacting quite differently to a child about to poke a snake it’s found in the garden.   One reacts calmly and either recognises the snake as harmless or just knows to not instil fear in the child – and says “Oh look, isn’t it beautiful! - How amazing to be able to move with no legs!”

The other Mother, terrified of snakes herself, runs screaming at the child, snatches it up and runs back into the house.

Those two children will now react quite differently the next time they come across a snake.

Curiously all it often takes is to uncover the initial sensitising event and the fear is put into perspective.

Other traumas have their equivalent effect..

Hypnosis is about re-framing past experiences, and focussing in on how you want to feel.

What can you expect in a hypnotherapy session?


Being similar to deep meditation, hypnosis is a state of focussed attention,  usually while deeply relaxed.

A hypnotherapy session will guide you into this relaxed state most commonly through a process called progressive muscle relaxation (PMR), and in this relaxed state,  suggestions get through to the subconscious better.

The best analogy I can think of is a taxi with a sliding window between the front and the back seats.  Your subconscious is the taxi-driver, and you are in the passenger seat.  In the back are all your differing and often conflicting thoughts.  Picturing these like children, they are shouting instructions to the taxi driver.  "Turn left! I want to go to the beach", "No turn right, I want to play football", "Go straight ahead, I want chocolate".

So the solution is to close the window to the thoughts at the back, and calmly tell the driver the instructions you want to be followed, and the driver takes you there.

There are lots of theories of how this works. 

Brain scans of people undergoing hypnosis show increasing amounts of right brain activity, which is the creative, intuitive side, so please do understand that a real process is happening.

Sara Lazar found that after just 8 weeks of meditation,  the brains of students who had not meditated before, physically changed in a positive way.  The hippocampus, responsible for focussed attention had increased in size, and the amygdala, responsible for the fight and flight action, releasing stress hormones had decreased in size.  So after just 8 weeks they were physically less capable of stress and physically more capable of focussed attention.  

This is an example of neuro-plasticity, where thoughts change the brain.   As hypnosis is guided meditation, you can see how it can physically make positive changes for you and gives you a method by which to meditate and reinforce the sessions.

Sometimes emotions come out, depending on the issue the client needs to deal with, but these are a release, and are positive reactions.  They can also be dealt with lightly and gently.

Generally people find they are calmer and more confident, and more at peace.

Other Testimonials

Snake Phobia

Thank you so much... I couldn't say the word "Snake". I had such bad nightmares if anyone even said the word.

Watch out Australia i could be coming you way !!



I have been on my laptop all day, with no vertigo or any negative feelings shortly after our sessions stopped.  Just feeling grateful, so thought I'd send you a message to let you know. 



Jamie is a very kind and caring individual and a very talented hypnotherapist. I find I am very quickly put at ease by his welcoming and friendly manner and always leave feeling totally relaxed and calm after his amazingly soothing and effective hypnotherapy session.  Highly recommend. Five stars from me.

(Kristie Rose)

Sessions with Jamie have  been incredibly helpful and have made such a difference to my mental health.I've really enjoyed discovering meditation and feel like I'm just at the beginning of a journey.


Smoking Cessation

"After smoking for 40 plus years I decided I needed to try my hardest to give it up once and for all.  I asked Jamie for his help and luckily he said yes.  I stopped smoking the day before the first session and having the sessions kept me strong enough to stay off the cigarettes. I am happy to confirm that after just a few sessions with Jamie I have completely stopped smoking and am convinced I will never smoke again. Thank you Jamie."



I had a MRI scan on Monday and managed to stay in there for half an hour without panicking, all thanks to you Bless you xx


I'm very happy to have been a Speaker at the 2022 UK Hypnosis convention:

"Consciousness is not a product of the brain and why this matters for hypnotherapy".

The nature of our consciousness is a subject that has fascinated me for years, and how we understand this makes a phenomenal difference to our lives.  I'm delighted to be able to share my findings at such a wonderful event.

There is overwhelming evidence that we are spiritual beings and therefore this should be taken into account with many forms of therapy.