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Anxiety and Trauma Specialist

Let go of Trauma.  Release Anxiety.

"Even a Lotus flower needs muck to grow" - Thich Nhat Hanh 

Life is  spiritually testing your mettle.

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"Thank you for all your help. I've really enjoyed our sessions. They have been really inspiring.. and have made such a positive difference"

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Speaker at the National Hypnosis Convention 2022


Understand that there is a cause for you to feel like this.  Anxiety is caused by past emotional traumas which are similar to unhealed wounds.  Everything you do is tempered by them.  Imagine walking with a wounded leg.  Try as you may you can't walk normally.  

Perhaps the wound was caused by severe trauma, or perhaps a parent frequently getting angry with you or not giving you the love that you needed.

Humans need to feel loved, nurtured and supported, yet sadly this commonly doesn't happen.

Picture a child being punished by their parent.  That child wants to love the parent, yet the parent is dealing out pain.  As a third party you can see it is not the child's fault, but you can understand the effect.  Whether the abuse is physical or emotional, intentional or accidental, it creates a wound that needs healing. 

If you look back at your life and see how you are, no doubt you will think "No wonder!"

But this is not who you are.  

Let me help you see that.

Allow yourself  for a moment to imagine a feeling of confidence that allowed you to rise above anything.

Looking at life with a different perspective: one that understands there is a purpose to our suffering, helps us to see things in a different light.

"Even a lotus Flower needs muck to grow"

Thich Nhat Hanh

Imagine looking down at this beautiful planet, the blue of the oceans, the green of the rainforests, the swirls of silky white clouds and that amazing blue haze that wraps the planet.  Be in awe of the beauty.  Then you can perhaps imagine the 8 billion people scurrying around the planet, probably mostly chasing the wrong goals.  Ask yourself: "Which one is more important than another?".

When you see how special you are, you will have no need for anxiety.

Why not book a session to help you understand this?

There are different types of anxiety disorders, including generalised anxiety disorder, phobia-related disorders, and panic related disorders, but be reassured that Anxiety is just a programmed reaction.  The subconscious tries to protect us.  It develops a general concept of various perceived dangers, and tries to protect us from these  dangers by making us feel anxious to try to get us to avoid similar situations.

These can be re-framed, rewired.  Hypnotherapy can make such a difference.

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What else would you like hypnotherapy to do for you?

"Sessions with Jamie have  been incredibly helpful and have made such a difference to my mental health.I've really enjoyed discovering meditation and feel like I'm just at the beginning of a journey.



Hi Jamie Thank you so so so very much Look what I achieved today bless you xx

Specializing in reducing Anxiety, with both hypnotherapy and EMDR, I can help with so many other things:

Hypnotherapy can help.

Do you worry endlessly about things? Are you feeling pain from events or treatment by others that was beyond your control or even within your control?  Do you react to things in ways you're not happy with?  Maybe you just have an irrational phobia?

Relax, you're human.

You're the product of the pain and the traumas of your past. These get buried in your subconscious and try to protect you but often just hinder and hold you back.

These subconscious reactions can be released or reprogrammed.

How would you like to be, think and feel?  Now ask yourself: what is stopping you?

Hypnotherapy is amazing.  Perhaps the best method to release stress. Not only does anxiety lift, and confidence return, but you may find yourself becoming generally calmer, and even more compassionate!  This seems to be a curious side-effect.

It also feels amazing: "Wow, that's the most relaxed I've ever felt" - is a common comment. I've also heard "It feels as if a weight has lifted off me".

I am a qualified Hypnotherapist, also trained in EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) who can help you with a range of issues.

It is a privilege to help people overcome the hurdles that they meet in life.

What I can help with?

"Even a Lotus flower needs muck to grow" (Thich Nhat Hanh)

Why not book a free chat now? Just use the contact form below or ring  07963296025.

Appointments available in 24a Gandy Street Exeter EX4 3LS, and in Ottery St Mary, EX11 1HW

EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing)

All you do is follow a point like the end of a biro and allow your eyes to move left and right.

Curiously it seems to take away the trauma, reprocessing it as an event in the past that just happened.

It can bring to the surface things that need to be worked on, decrease negative emotions and strengthen positive ones.

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Would you like to quit?

Hypnotherapy can give you the extra resolve to finally put this habit behind you, and think of the money you will save.  


Research shows that both hypnotherapy and EMDR can reduce the effects of Trauma.  I use both.  I find the two work together really well.

Let me help you put the trauma in the past where it belongs.


Stress can be debilitating.

It's the perception that more is demanded of you than you have resources to supply.

Although some stress is healthy, even beneficial in adding zest to life, motivation to get things done leading to a tremendous sense of achievement, stress overload is damaging.

You can say no.
You can say "I'm doing enough"
It's not your job to save the world.
A football team is made of 11 players. You really don't need to do everything. If there are not enough players on your team, is it for you to continually work harder and harder to get everything done by the deadline?

Hypnotherapy helps to see what you really want in life. It's a state of focus.  It helps you focus on what is acceptable.

Are you living to work or working to really live?

Let me help.

What I can help with

A note about treatments:  Hypnotherapy helps.  This is with your participation. We work together on the issues that you would like help with.  People react differently to the state of relaxed yet focussed attention that are guided into.  Generally speaking it brings about a wonderful feeling of peace.  Just lowering stress levels helps with so many things.

and more:  

Where the issue is one of perception, Hypnotherapy can help.  

Please contact me via the form below if you are interested in my help.

I am a qualified Hypnotherapist and a registrant member of the National Hypnotherapy Society who can help you with a range of issues. It is a privilege to help people overcome the hurdles that they meet in life.


Snake Phobia

Thank you so much... I couldn't say the word "Snake". I had such bad nightmares if anyone even said the word.

Watch out Australia i could be coming you way !!



I have been on my laptop all day, with no vertigo or any negative feelings shortly after our sessions stopped.  Just feeling grateful, so thought I'd send you a message to let you know. 



Jamie is a very kind and caring individual and a very talented hypnotherapist. I find I am very quickly put at ease by his welcoming and friendly manner and always leave feeling totally relaxed and calm after his amazingly soothing and effective hypnotherapy session.  Highly recommend. Five stars from me.

(Kristie Rose)

Sessions with Jamie have  been incredibly helpful and have made such a difference to my mental health.I've really enjoyed discovering meditation and feel like I'm just at the beginning of a journey.


Smoking Cessation

"After smoking for 40 plus years I decided I needed to try my hardest to give it up once and for all.  I asked Jamie for his help and luckily he said yes.  I stopped smoking the day before the first session and having the sessions kept me strong enough to stay off the cigarettes. I am happy to confirm that after just a few sessions with Jamie I have completely stopped smoking and am convinced I will never smoke again. Thank you Jamie."



I had a MRI scan on Monday and managed to stay in there for half an hour without panicking, all thanks to you Bless you xx


Hypnotherapy via the internet

A lot of therapy can be done over the internet very successfully. Zoom, or WhatsApp can provide good quality sessions.

Ideally you would need a headset, but a phone with comfortable headphones or earphones works well, if you have a quiet and comfortable space where you won't be disturbed.  I would need a contact number as a precaution, and preferably contact details of someone to ring if the internet connection is lost.

Smoking cessation, phobias, anxiety and relaxation are all possible via an online session.

Designated speaker at the 2022 Hypnosis convention

I'm very happy and excited to have been selected as a Speaker at the 2022 UK Hypnosis convention:

"Consciousness is not a product of the brain and why this matters for hypnotherapy".

The nature of our consciousness is a subject that has fascinated me for years, and how we understand this makes a phenomenal difference to our lives.  I'm delighted to be able to share my findings at such a wonderful event.

There is overwhelming evidence that we are spiritual beings and therefore this should be taken into account with many forms of therapy.