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Hypnotherapy for anxiety

Anxiety is a learned reaction which can be reprogrammed.

The subconscious tries to protect us. It develops a general concept of various perceived dangers, and tries to protect us from these dangers by making us feel anxious to try to get us to avoid similar situations.

A bite from a dog may lead to the feeling of being anxious around anything on four legs with teeth, or even a generic feeling of anxiety while out.

Harsh or dismissive treatment from a parent, a teacher, or a bully can do the same. If we are put down as a child and made to feel not good enough, this can do tremendous damage.

Both Hypnotherapy and EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitisation and reprogramming) can reprogramme our subconscious, so that we no longer have irrational and unhelpful feelings of anxiety.

Both can help find the initial sensitising event which caused it, and in doing so release it's hold on us.

Hypnotherapy teaches you how to meditate. Regular meditation has been shown to reduce the size of the amygdala which produces cortisol, the fight or flight hormone. In other words, meditation reduces your ability to become stressed.